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Denturist & Owner: Jhon Marin

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Reception: Kathy Couling

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About Us

At the Kingston Denture Clinic: "We believe in a professional and courteous approach; putting customer's satisfaction at the top of our list, and providing them a smile they can trust forever!".

The Kingston Denture Clinic was established in 1987 by founder Zoran Zlatanovski. It has been providing Kingston and surrounding areas with only the highest quality of denture care. We believe in a professional and courteous approach, putting service at the top of the list.

Over the years the clinic has built an outstanding reputation through this constant care. Jhon Marin is now the owner of the Kingston Denture Clinic (KDC) and its denturist.

A word of advice from  your Denturist:

Denture technology has evolved and come a long way over time. New products and methods are allowing better and more cost effective treatments.

Through the years there has been incredible success with implant treatment. Implants are simply false teeth roots that become part of the jaw bone and can support individual or multiple teeth. Implant retained dentures are far more stable and have more of a real feeling than most types of retained dentures.

The KDC is focusing on making dental implants an option for anyone by educating them on their benefits. Dental impants have increased the quality of life for many patients that we have treated. People struggling with conventional dentures should consider implant treatment.

The Kingston Denture Clinic is encouraging people to come in for a complimentary consultation so that we can see how we can help you with any questions or decisions. As oral health-care professionals, we offer various types of dentures to satisfy your individual and specific requirements